Introducing…. STAYOUTLATE

STAYOUTLATE are the latest Canadian exports making noise across the pond with their dynamic flows, conscious bars and melodic delivery, courtesy of the group’s mixed bag of musical talents. Founded back in 2014, Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf combine their shared skills across rap, songwriting and production to create sonically unique and thought-provoking music that incorporates a range of influences whilst keeping hip-hop at its heart.

Back with their debut album FABERGÉ, the emerging quartet are on a roll offering out their highly-anticipated debut project just months after their last two single releases, ‘Wussup’, featuring Casino Costa, and the music video to ‘LAVISH’, shot by REVIVE FILMZ.

“In the social media age, everyone has this expectation for you to be bright and perfect. The reality is “perfect” doesn’t exist and on top of that, the stress we all experience striving for perfection can be catastrophic. Sometimes dancing with your darkness leads to a brighter tomorrow.“

Skillfully composed by the seasoned ears of producers YoungWolf and Zepfire and written and executed by rappers Tremayne, Charlie Noiir and Scotty IV, FABERGÉ perfectly demonstrates the collective’s rich talents, grand ambitions and impeccable ear for detail. This is a collection of music specifically designed to look good, sound good and stand the ultimate test of time, ageing better with every listen.

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