Introducing… Emma Danelon

From Italian heritage and now based in London, Emma Danelon remains a hot topic in the music scene due to her eclectic music influences from contemporary R&B, trap, hip hop, synthpop, trip-hop. She blends mesmeric melody with explosive electronic beats that explore fresh prodigious perspectives in an ever-changing pop world.

With her life split between Brescia, Italy and London growing up, Emma Danelon experienced a tumultuous upbringing filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. Danelon now returns with her debut EP ‘Ipnosi’, a darkly emotive expression of the struggles she’s faced in life, from a life-changing toxic relationship to problems she’s faced in her work and the music industry. The brooding 5-track offering opens with the haunting and attitude-filled ‘Copia’, making for an explosive start. Other highlights include the introspective and ethereal track ‘Mistake’ and the energizing ‘Hypnosis’ which shows off Emma’s signature sound.

“This EP is the most important project I have done so far. Ipnosi is a liberation from all the struggles and obstacles in my growth and I feel like it’s the strongest project I have ever come up with. These struggles sometimes left me in a state of “hypnosis” where I couldn’t think straight or I was extremely affected by external factors to the point that these situations left me powerless or “hypnotised”. This is the reason for the name.”

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