Andreww Press by Nick Offord 3

TOTD: ‘In My Head’- Andreww

Ushering in a brand new chapter in his musical career, runway model turned musician Andreww unveils ‘In My Head’, his latest rock n’ roll inspired single and his next awaited release since the success of Crossroads, which dropped earlier this year.

Eerie and insidious, ‘In My Head’ sees Andreww explore and dissect the often turbulent relationship between a man and his innermost thoughts. Delivered over characteristically dirty, grunge fuelled sonics and a curated mishmash of electric guitars, this track ups the ante from previous releases in terms of song writing, composition, and concept.

” ‘In My Head’ is about challenging your ghosts. Either you go to war with them, or you accept them but there’s no denying they are there.”  – Andreww

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