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Ten Questions for Ten Tonnes

Ahead of announcing our live partnership with Conway Hall, Killing Moon Live are pleased to announce Ten Tonnes as their first headline act at the notorious venue. Gracing the stage on 9th September, Ten Tonnes (real name Ethan James Barnett), shot to fame with his self-titled debut album in 2019. Here, he has sat down with Killing Moon to answer ‘Ten Questions…’ about returning to live music and touring. Unfortunately, we only managed to squeeze in seven questions in- but hey, who’s counting??

How do you feel about returning to your first live show at Conway Hall after 18 months of not playing?

Ridiculously excited and nervous and anxious and buzzing all-in equal part really. It’s been such a long time away from something that has played such a massive role in my life so I’m over the moon to be back playing. It’s going to be a really special night.

What is the one thing you have missed the most about live shows?

I think the interaction with a crowd and that feeling of being in the moment just giving it your all and having that shared experience with everyone. The buzz from a gig is like nothing else.

What is one thing you have missed the least about live shows?

I think the travel can get quite soul crushing after a while, endless hours in the back of a van isn’t fun, but this show won’t have any of that so it’s ideal.

What can people expect from your live show at Conway Hall?

A proper energetic guitar gig. Potentially a few misremembered lyrics but I’m working on that. It’s the first time I’ll be playing my new E.P. live too so I’m really excited to see the response to those new songs.

Who would be your ideal band/artist to tour with?

The dream would be Paul McCartney, or The Strokes would be good cause I still haven’t managed to see either of them live. I think a tour with Harry Styles would be good too.

What has been the best live show you have ever seen and why?

Tom Petty in Hyde Park in 2017 was by far the best show I’ve ever seen. I think about it all the time, he just gave the crowd everything he had. His music means so much to me so it was really special. What a show.

Do you have anything in particular you like to do before a gig? i.e. pre-show rituals, come out to a certain song etc.

Not really, I warm up a bit, try and calm myself down too. Chat with the band and listen to some fun songs to get us ready. Try and keep it relaxed though.



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