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Introducing… Joe Traxler

Vienna based multi-instrumentalist and producer Joe Traxler is defined by groove-driven indie pop and confessional lyricism. Presenting his third single of 2021, ‘Don’t Dance’, the new release marks the beginning of Joe Traxlers’ debut LP ‘Lifelines’ which is slated for release in spring 2022. ‘Don’t Dance’ details an evening out wracked with social anxieties and insecurities, yet paradoxically delivered in a feel-good, indie-funk wrapper.

Joe expresses his most personal life experiences in his music giving him an authentic edge as an artist. He demonstrated this honest touch in tracks such as ‘Asymmetrical Life’, which delved into his experience of waking up one day with his face half paralysed. 

“I do music for the love of it and curiosity to delve deeper into all different aspects of it. I would like to use my privilege of doing music for a living to inspire people and to make them feel something. I personally feel most inspired by artists who don’t follow any recipes for commercial success but pursue their unique creative journey.”

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