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Introducing…. Bowling Shoes

Bowling Shoes formed to create alternative pop music distant from the emotionally driven genre its members had previously found success in. With a mission to create upbeat music, their early songs such as ‘Portland’ received love from Gen Z through TikTok, earning the band millions of streams and over one hundred thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

Following 3 single releases in 2021 from their new EP ‘DoomScroller’, the full 7-track EP is now out. Bowling Shoes are combining moods of swaying indie-pop beats and nostalgic city angst to create their most authentic sound yet.

“Literally doom scrolling on social media, reading terrible news online ALL THE TIME, reflection on American Jewish identity and cell phone anxiety. Additionally, there is stuff in there about missing close friends deeply due to tough times. The EP hyper analyzes many relationships: romantic, platonic and explores some deep-rooted intergenerational stuff, mostly informed by and seen through the lens of cell phones and the internet.” – Bowling Shoes

Listen Here:

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