TOTD: ‘Gaslight’ – Olivia Swann

Picking apart the complexities of a toxic relationship, Olivia Swann returns with a massive summer track in the form of ‘Gaslight’. Proving as Swann’s best release yet, the collaboration with fellow UK artists, LionHaire shows a relationship filled with authentic reggae and contrasting vocals that weave beautifully within one another. All this is then topped with glossy production from Symphony (Zayne, Timbaland).

Simmering with rich R&B vocals, reggae rhythms, layered live horns and bass licks, the single has an undeniable groove that exhibits Olivia’s ability to churn out banger after banger. Originally written as a demo for Rihanna, the London based singer-songwriter decided to take the track and twist it into a refreshingly raw insight into gaslighting and power play, with her quick-witted lyricism and abundance of attitude adding a punchy edge to the verses.

“I don’t think we talk enough about the power of seduction in a relationship and how sometimes someone can use intense chemistry to blur and confuse the reality of a situation” she explains, “In my case it was finally figuring out that you’re not crazy, they are! Ultimately recognising their serious obsession with me, I wish I could have told myself to wake up!”

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