Introducing… Sophie Hutchings

Described by The Guardian as, “Sometimes melancholic, often with an exhilarating beauty”, Sophie Hutchings releases her new solo piano release, ‘Echoes in the Valley’.

Nestled in the dramatic valley of the Byron Hinterland mountains, Echoes in the Valley, was organically born. The creation of the solo piano release saw Sophie intentionally remove herself from the chaos and building trauma the world was experiencing. This effort has led to a body of work that finds complete solace in pure simplicity, stripped back to an exposed minimum.

“It’s almost like you’re diving into the lungs of the piano.” – Sophie Hutchings

Released on the 15th of October, Echoes In The Valley is an exercise in patience, the power found in raw sound and the coherent inspiration that is developed alongside. “I’m always hearing melodies in my head, so it’s very tempting to add layers,” says Sophie. “I was so tempted to put another instrument on it, but had to tell myself, ‘No’.” The only audible accompaniment to the piano is the stroke of keys, push of pedal, and the buzz of the outdoor aroma oozing in.

With this release, Sophie Hutchings wants to express the abundance of forgotten qualities found in voluntary solitude. The playful, unexpected tension found in beauty and isolation that can, ultimately, result in a therapeutic experience. Yet again bringing her admiration for the world we find ourselves in into every inch of her work, Sophie succinctly explains why she “wanted the natural world to speak louder than humanity”.

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