Exclusive Premiere! ‘OK Then Not OK’- Cate Ferris

Hear it here first- an exclusive premiere of Cate Ferris’ new single ‘Ok Then Not Ok’ here at Killing Moon. The Brighton based lo-fi indie artists and producer returns with this new track off the back off her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Gyroscope’ which was championed by BBC Introducing and Lauren Laverne.

The deliciously uplifting pop tune reflects upon the emotions that a plethora of us have experienced over the past few months. Combining beauty, darkness, and the constant juggling of our lives throughout isolation, this is song is a reminder that it’s okay to not be okay.

“Written during the first UK lockdown, I remember talking to friends on the phone and using the phrase “I’m okay and then not okay” in response to the “how are you doing?” question.

Whilst we were all trying to wrap our heads around not being able to go out, wearing masks, home schooling, flipping between the news and social media etc….the insane seesaw of emotions kept that phrase ticking over in my mind till it found its way to the piano one afternoon. 

This song was supposed to be an homage to a singular time in life but the message still rings true now a year later where we try to find the joy in the madness and continually remind ourselves that it IS okay to not be okay and we will be okay again! “

The track builds its momentum throughout, ending in this crescendo of reassurance from Ferris. The song acts as a constant reminder that it’s okay to feel how you feel at times and reflects the consistent battle between feeling fine and not.

Have a first listen here!

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