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TOTD: ‘Compass in the Dark’ Josh Savage

Indie-pop singer/songwriter Josh Savage has blazed a bright trail through the music industry, which should serve as a beacon to any musician looking to make a name for themselves in the unrecognisable 21st Century Music Industry landscape. The Berlin-based Brit has built loyal fanbase one living room show at a time (he holds the record for the amount of Sofar Sounds

gigs worldwide) and now performs headlining tours in bespoke venues around the globe. His has now released his new track, ‘Compass in the Dark’.

“’Compass In The Dark’ is a song I wrote about a long-distance relationship being the guiding light through life’s trials and tribulations. I wrote before the pandemic yet it was even more relevant during it. ‘Compass In The Dark’ is the 3rd single of my second album ‘Another Life’ and released on my own label Savage Tribe Records.

I’d like to give a big shout out to Killing Moon who have been so supportive since the beginning of this album campaign”

He returns with this single which covers the ups and downs of having a relationship that spans across a large area. Acting as the third single of his second album, the video was also filmed in Dubai as Savage had his flights delayed. His talent for utilising his time so wisely to record his new music video can be seen below along with his natural ability of storytelling throughout his songs.

Watch Here:

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