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A technicolour funfair rollercoaster ride through gender, Keir’s new single, ‘Boys Will Be Girls’ detonates and demolishes stereotypes with a mantra of freedom and fulfilment. ‘Shape-shifting is fun’ says Keir ‘Nothing should ever be set in stone’. Taking in gender, masculine beauty, cultural norms and innate human bias, the track promotes aspirational freedom with some deliciously anthemic one-liners, asking us to stop seeing division and start having fun by being who really are.

Boys Will Be Girls boasts a soaring power-driven instrumental, ferociously charged by drums and driving guitar electro fuzz – the perfect foundation for Keir to ignite us all with his call-to-arms.

“Sometimes, it feels like we are a definite thing. For example, if you’re a boy there are so many ideas attached to that. Really though, who you are should just be who you are surely? It’s fun to shape-shift I think, it definitely makes you more free, in a way.”- Keir

With each release, Keir has solidified his reputation for highly charged, honest and emotional performance. Keir describes every performance live or on a recording as one that ‘could be your last, so make you better try and make it your best’.

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