Introducing… Volleyball

Finishing up the run of six single releases since last October, London-based modern psych band Volleyball deliver ‘Aloosh’. Drenched in jangly guitars, the sun-kissed track is muted in its allure.

The quartet have been hard at work throughout lockdown to build their own musical world. Currently in the process of writing two mini-albums, Volleyball have a multitude of exciting projects in the pipeline, including an immersive VR experience and several incoming remixes.

‘Aloosh’ means ‘from the sky’; we love how that image captures the transitory nature of memories and places, how they can be important in your life, disappearing without you noticing and reappearing when you least expect them. Memories that seem far away can be recalled easily through music. Aloosh was also the name of a friend’s band at the time some of us moved to London. They formed the centre of a scene that worked from a studio in Dalston, leading to many collaborations and good times – in part driving us towards what we’re doing now.”

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