TOTD: ‘Mmm Ja’ – Brooke Sharkey

Moving from the U.K. to Norway during December 2020, Brooke Sharkey arrived in Oslo at a precarious time, between the two worldwide waves of Covid-19. This was a decision that opened up more choices and unknowns for Sharkey, on a personal and artistic level. In the melodies and words of ‘Mmm Ja’ and the curious raw footage in the self-produced and directed video, Brooke observes the new sights, smells, tastes and emerging emotions within and around her as she walks through the streets and into the nearby forests, observing how things are done and how people ‘be’.

“As I was taking pictures and filming along the main dock in Oslo centre, a man came up to me and asked if I spoke French. He was from the Ivory coast and told me he’d been living here for 3 years. We spoke of the dance of integrating into this culture, it’s advantages as well as it’s trials.

The chorus of ‘Mmm Ja’ was inspired by this spontaneous interaction. The lyrics being ‘ I don’t know you YET, but I want to YES’ contain the hope in a positive intention in an unknown situation, a hope that maybe I would be welcomed in this new country, which through love, I have decided to call my home” – Brooke Sharkey

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