Introducing…. Third Girl From The Left

Described as impressionistic, dark and intimate Third Girl From The Left is an intoxicating mix of avant pop and alt-folk rock melodrama. Compared to Kate Bush, Lorde and Portishead, TGFTL releases her single ‘The Mountain and the Wave’

The vocal delivery is at one moment shimmering, gossamer vulnerability, the next assured punch to the stomach pelt. Poetic lyrics and experimental guitar tunings weave through ethereal pads and field recordings to create an arousing, other worldly soundscape, both soothing and unnerving

“The Mountain and the wave is inspired by a Greek myth which I discovered through artwork by Scotland’s Margaret MacDonald. Telling the story of Tyro, a married woman racked with desire for the river god Enipeus, but she is tricked and seduced by a disguised, lust fuelled Poseidon. The story examines the total and complete power of addiction and how taking back that power must come from within” ­– Third Girl From the Left.

Listen Here:

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