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Introducing… T!

Zimbabwe-born breakthrough rapper and producer T! is bringing his alternative mellow rap style to the UK hip-hop scene. With his melodic vocals and catchy hooks, his new single ‘Code Red’ reeks of originality and a slacker style. With T! being bit hard by the production bug, he built his career on anonymously releasing beats on YouTube and Soundcloud, before selling his sounds to artists across the world. He has now turned his career down the more personal route of releasing his own music.

Unmistakably British and refreshingly original, T! is a rising star in the MC world. Although this debut single was originally recorded in 2018, only now has he been brave enough to unleash it to the world. It’s combination of low-fi and rap refreshingly welcomes him into the industry as an independent artist.

“I came to the conclusion that sometimes “you just gotta press the button”, what’s the worst that could happen? This track is for the people who are too anxious or scared to follow their dreams. I’ve been there and it’s a dark place but it’s only up to the person to make those first steps. You can only learn from it.”

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