Not one to shy away from disco-inspired beats and Kevin Parker-esque vocals, Ormiston is any indie fan’s dream. His previous releases proved that Ormiston is a formidable songwriter, and the singer doubles down on his latest album.

Taken from the new album Hammer Down, ‘Time Fades’ is not only the highlight of the album, but one of Ormiston’s best tracks to date. Nestled between the funk-filled ‘Rebel’ and the nostalgic ‘Adeline’, ‘Time Fades’ is the perfect transition into Hammer Down‘s middle section.

Chock full of influence from bands like Tame Impala, Franc Moody and Parcels, Ormiston’s latest release combines the best of pop, psych and funk. It’s a blend that’s quickly becoming his signature, and with good reason.

Listen to ‘Time Fades’ here:

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