TOWT: ‘New Friends’ – Broken Fires

Formed in Swansea in 2014, Broken Fires have swiftly earned their reputation for huge alt-indie tracks, warmly singing about love and life. Their new single ‘New Friends’ follows suit with its endearing theme of moving to a new city and starting new friendship circles. The track is the title song taken from their EP to be released July 2nd. Written initially after Tom made his first move from Wales to London he states,

“Thinking back to that time when I moved to this crazy city. I met some people who talked a lot of s**t and it took me a while to figure that out, and to figure out where I fit into things”

Vividly recalling the people, place and feelings of that time; the track has become synonymous in Tom’s mind with a cartoon by celebrated Glaswegian cartoonist David Shrigley that graced the wall of his then apartment.

“It’s an illustration of a group of cartoon characters with tiny legs and big circular faces.” remembers Tom. “All apart from this one who has a square face. The circular shaped guys pick him up, hold his corners up to an angle grinder and shape him into a circle just like them. Sometimes you meet new people you homogenise… or something profound like that. ”

Written and recorded by Broken Fires at sessions that culminated at Mwnci Studios, “New Friends” was produced by Broken Fires’ own Justin Hendy (guitarist), with additional mixing by Matt Lederman (!!!, Rural Alberta Advantage) and mastering by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire / Suuns). Giving the track a true DIY finish, the vocals were originally laid down in the front room of Justin’s flat in Swansea.

Speaking of the EP to follow, Tom states, “We think the EP shows our full range as a band. Full of dreamy folk, epic endings with layered strings and harmonies and probably one of the most stripped back tracks we’ve ever written” 

Stream ‘New Friends’ here:

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