Sean Wyer

Introducing… Sean Wyer

Written in one sitting, London-based Sean Wyer is turning heads with his new tune ‘Videogames’ which looks at the struggles and distractions people turn to when experiencing unrequited love, especially through a lockdown. This pop earworm is packed with affectionate lyrics and bright harmonies which glide effortlessly atop layers of slick production. With his charity shop couture and knowing charm, this confident LGBTQ+ songwriter is already causing a stir in the indie scene.

“Videogames is really about missing people you love. Lockdown was incredibly tough in that way. I’d fallen for a guy, but I was scared to tell him. I spent my teenage years in the closet, so I hadn’t had many chances to experience these deeply romantic feelings before. It was mid-lockdown and playing video games was a way to take my mind off how I felt. I’d get lost in the game and it made it easier to not think about things. In the end, I worked through my emotions by writing this song for him.”

Live your life to the fullest, be creative in your own right, and stand up for what you believe in. These are the cornerstones for Sean in everything he does, from messing around in the studio to passionately advocating LGBTQ+ rights. Oozing charisma, and with a mischievous wit to boot, this powerhouse is one to watch.

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