TOTW: ‘All This Art’ – Teenage Sequence

Behind the pseudonym Teenage Sequence stands Dewan-Dean Soomary, a London musician with a musical history covering King Blues and Bleach Blood. ‘All This Art’ is the latest offering from the solo-artist and its post-punk attitude sits in a similar vein to Sleaford Mods. Laced with bleak humour and spitting lyricism layered over its disco-punk beat, the single’s angry yet like-able personality is one you can’t help but absorb.

The repetitive and catchy hook almost feels as if it paints an Andy Warhol picture with words, tackling racism with its thought-provoking choice of lyrics and 80s synth sounds. ‘If you’re in a position to do so, sign me, you racist’, Soomary commands. ‘If you’re bored of hearing about it, I’m bored of thinking about it’.

The harsh and truthful underground character that is woven throughout this track gives it a quirky characteristic that is undeniably genius. The ironic and satirical elements responses are humorous and, although this song feels like one-of-a-kind, Soomary sings, ‘I’d like to take a moment to point out there’s nothing original about this or any other song that has ever been released”.

Dotted with existential and experimental moments, its LCD Soundsystem approach combined with addressing vital issues makes it 6.29 minutes of brilliance. He sings, ‘The punchline is me, but the joke’s on you…’ but I can strongly confirm that this artist is one of integrity and credibility and absolutely one to watch.

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