Will Wallace X Laurel Smith – Girls, Money, Cars – Press Picture 5


Preston’s Will Wallace and North London’s Laurel Smith have collaborated to produce their new track ‘GIRLS MONEY CARS’. Equally pop and trap-influenced, the track is the middle ground between Wallace’s upbeat electro and Smith’s intense dark-pop.

Despite the unusual pairing, the combination of Will Wallace and Laurel Smith is one that has provided a track that covers a variety of genres in exactly 3 minutes. Going from future bass to moody indie is no mean feat, but it’s one that the pair pull off effortlessly. Laurel Smith’s breathy vocal sits above Wallace’s intense electronic instrumental to create a flowing, exhilarating piece of music.

With festivals on the horizon, there’s scope for ‘GIRLS MONEY CARS’ to be the sound of the summer. Prepare to hear it echoing across campsites for months to come.

Listen to ‘GIRLS MONEY CARS’ here:

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