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TOTW: ‘No Sleep’ – Summer Payton

R&B singer, artist and producer Summer Payton has been surrounded by music her whole age. Quickly learning to play piano and to cope with childhood struggles, she turned to song writing, this later progressing to musical composition.

Opening and letting us into her world, the Chicago-based singer releases her new music video for single ‘No Sleep’, taken from her debut album ‘Golden Hour’. The video creatively taps into the young talent’s inner psyche, as viewers get to experience the different versions of Summer Payton, her artistic visions, and her focused attitude and drive. The nostalgic sound coming from Payton’s music is inspired by Janet Jackson, and she always strives to ‘speak from the heart’.

The concept of the song essentially talks about how I work so hard, that even when I’m resting, I’m still working because I work in my sleep. It’s a running joke about me among my family that I come up with my best ideas while dreaming. The song is also about how much I rely on my intuition to evaluate people and make decisions both professionally and personally”

“In the music video for ‘No Sleep’ I really wanted to hammer home the working in my dreams concept. The other running joke about me is that I have a million jobs and do a million different things. In the video I wanted to showcase some of the different forms of ‘work’ I do in a cool way”

Summer has been described as an ‘old soul’ due to her musical influences. The sounds of Motown and her Gospel infused upbringing combined with classic 90’s R&B are what drive her sound. She sings songs of independence, self-love, relationships, and female empowerment.

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