With the release of his EP ‘One Day’, Swedish singer Flyckt is back with a bang. It’s a collection of four huge indie-pop tunes that demonstrate Flyckt’s talent as a singer and songwriter. The recent release of the video for ‘Wake Up’ rides the momentum generated by the EP. Here’s what KM thought:

‘Wake Up’ is a highlight on the ‘One Day’ EP, stacked with uplifting keys and and an upbeat, energetic rhythm section. The song’s brass interludes make for an instrumental clearly influenced by the 80s, without sounding cliché. The song’s accompanying video takes the viewer through the monotony of everyday life. It’s a topic that has become more relatable than ever in the past year, meaning ‘Wake Up’ resonates with Flyckt’s audience.

‘Wake Up’ is an impressive track and accompanied by three other great songs on the ‘One Day’ EP, it’s clear Flyckt has a knack for writing catchy indie-pop songs. Keep an eye out for him in the second half of 2021, he’s on track to make quite an impact.

Listen to ‘Wake Up’ here:

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