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TOTD: ‘Never See You’ – Richie Quake

Brooklyn based artist and producer Richie Quake is back with new single “Never See You”. After the successful release of his previous track ‘Nothing In My Head’ racked up two million streams and received glowing press from VICE, Notion, NYLON, Pigeons and Planes, FADER, Complex and more, ‘Never See You’ is the perfect follow-up to the previous upbeat funky single.

Richie first felt passionate about music as a child, starting piano at six, then trumpet, then the tuba and then guitar. He explains: “I always just had a lot of passion for music because it’s such an immediate gratification”.

“Never See you” is an impressive self-produced experimental lo-fi track with funk and synth-pop vibes. The retro-pop has a tone of psychedelic with soothing guitars and groovy drums. The bassline fuses perfectly with dreamy, effortless sounding vocals that provide a rich falsetto, repeating the infectious hook. It grows amidst electric piano and bass additions, swirling forward in a reverb-soaked crescendo. The lyrics describe a goodbye after a relationship gone wrong with the happily implied reassurance that he will “never see you again”.

Richie Quake is described as being inspired by the niches of daily life and the subtleties of emotion. “Rather than luring the listener into fantasies of grandiosity, Quake focuses on what it means to be human”. 

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