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It’s been quite the month for Hongza. The release of his newest single ‘Dream Sleep Eat’ has attracted the attention of press across the UK while also being played on Apple Music 1. This support has set Hongza up perfectly for his new EP, ‘Gen Z’, which is due out on May 11th.

The animated video for ‘Dream Sleep Eat’ takes the viewer through the highs and lows of relationships as the two featured characters break up. It’s an emotional video that perfectly mirrors the audio; they’re both nostalgic and poignant in equal measure. Emotional indie bangers are what Hongza does best, and ‘Dream Sleep Eat’ is no different.

With ‘Gen Z’ on the horizon, Hongza’s newest release gives audiences a taste of what’s to come. It’s an exciting time with lockdown easing, and Hongza will undoubtedly take full advantage of venues opening and festivals returning when they do.

Watch ‘Dream Sleep Eat’ here:

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