TOTD: ‘Out of My Mind’- Sub-Radio

Indie-pop dream, Sub-Radio release their latest single ‘Out of My Mind’. Bursting to the rim with groove and energy, the synth lead track is complete with 90s-inspired guitars and embraces listeners with a carefree enthusiasm.

It’s fully self-produced and self-mixed finish adds to the magic of the track and the independence it holds.

Composed of six childhood friends with various instrumental talents, ‘Out Of My Mind’ incorporates guitar scratches and feedbacks that adds to the throwback sound and mood of the track. “We’ve been listening to a lot of 90s and 00s inspired music lately, much heavier on guitar and a little gritter than what we’re used to playing. I loved this big synth lead over those guitars, it immediately had that nostalgic vibe we’re going for” Says Matt Prodanovich, the lead guitarist.

Vocalist Adam Bradley belts out lyrics that goes into a darker and heavier direction, narrating the struggle to forget a prior relationship. He states, “I’ve had a lot of time to myself this year like everybody else, and that means a lot of time to sit and stew on things in my past. This song kind of grew out of that overthinking. You start to look around for anything that’ll get that one memory out of your head, even just for a minute.”

Listen Here:

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