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TOTD: ‘Step From the Limelight’ – Ormiston

Born in Montreal, Ormiston (Nicola Ormiston) was raised around female musicians and grew up with a strong sense of melody. Following his debut single ‘Rebel’, Ormiston released his new single ‘Step From the Limelight’ taken from his debut album, Hammer Down set to be released June 4th 2021 through Lisbon Lux Records.

‘Step From the Limelight’ is the ‘story of someone scared of being trapped in monotony’. Criticizing our desire to be part of an emptied culture, we are constantly looking for others to fill our self-esteem and give us validation. With an explosive sound, Ormiston explores this theme through indie melodies and a quirky guitar texture.

The psychedelic attempt from Ormiston makes this track a proper ear worm. Simple, yet effective, the track is a perfect example of his signature sound and emulates the excitement building for his debut album.

Listen Here:

Image: Stacy Lee

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