TOTD: Let’s Get High – Susu

New York based-band SUSU consists of vocalists Liza Colby and Kia Warren, supported by Joey Wunsch (guitar), Ronnie Bruno (drums), and Connor McClelland (bass). 

A year on, and SUSU’s ‘4:20’ track is back in our ears. With a promise for this song to make an appearance on their debut album (out later this year), we revisit it on this celebrated day. Known to explore a variety of political, personal, and emotional themes in their music, Colby and Warren continue this in their release, “Lets Get High”. The 4 minute 20 second track’ was released on 20th April last year (4/20) is claimed to ‘not’ be about smoking weed. Instead, the song is about a “collective high,” meaning a mindset of peace and harmony. They explained: “‘Let’s Get High’ is about the curtain being pulled back, the onion peeled, peace interrupted. From German haus to Paris maison, NYC walkup to LA bungalow – the word on the street is we’re all on the same trip. Trust US, we’ve been there. Let’s all be here now!”

More recently, SUSU have released their five song EP, Panther City and are due to play Bowery Electric in New York on 30th April.

Listen Here:

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