Desp J Press Shot 2021 – 2


With three albums under their belt and a fourth on the way, Desperate Journalist are an experienced band. Shows in Rough Trade East and Highbury Garage in 2019, as well as fans across the world, mean that Desperate Journalist have set themselves up nicely for the campaign surrounding their upcoming album ‘Maximum Sorrow!‘.

The first cut from their upcoming LP, ‘Fault’ is a different move from the band. Not as guitar-driven as their previous releases, there are ethereal synths and a powerful post-punk bassline. Recorded in Crouch End, ‘Fault’ is the perfect taster of what’s to come on ‘Maximum Sorrow!‘.

With a headline show at London’s Lafayette in February of 2022, an album due for release on the 2nd of July, and undoubtedly a live campaign to support its release, Desperate Journalist are set to make a huge impact in the second half of 2021. Keep an eye out.

Listen to ‘Fault’ here:

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