Introducing… Jessy Yasmeen

Up-and-coming Dutch star Jessy Yasmeen drops the first track from her upcoming album ‘Formation’.

Titled ‘Holy Water’, the self-produced single knows no bounds. ‘Holy Water’ has a strong gospel touch layered with powerful vocals whilst accompanied by sparse piano and a big live drum track. Her Dutch and South American roots are an influence on her music and help her create a distinctive sound. Having performed over 200 shows, she has already received multiple large accolades for her work, such as ‘Grote Prijs van Rotterdam’ and two nominations for the Rotterdam Music Awards, while her tracks have been heard on the radio all over the world.

“‘Holy Water’ started as a song about my narcissistic ex, but the meaning changed as I figured out it was all about me not loving myself,” explains Jessy.

‘Holy Water’ acts as the first chapter of her upcoming album ‘Formation’, which is split into five parts. First purify – losing yourself, then crusade, surrender, liberation and rebirth.

Watch the video here:

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