Keeping busy as a singer, songwriter, drummer, rapper and podcaster, Daniel Sherman is back with his new single ‘What You Want’ produced by Mike Shinoda (frontman of Linkin Park). With it’s passionate take on a standard hip-hop style, the stunning track reflects the pain of toxic relationships.

Sherman’s passion for storytelling is blatant again in ‘What You Want’, and is sandwiched either side of a heavy rock section giving this track its alternative edge.

“What You Want is an electrifying experimental alternative hip-hop anthem produced by Mike Shinoda. The lyrics lament over the pain of being in a toxic relationship and the fine line between love and hate, while Shinoda’s production turns sorrow into passion with energetic beats, soaring synths, and enormous percussion” – Daniel Sherman

Seeking to communicate the darkest parts of life, Sherman is a master of switching genres with each release, but this alternative hip-hop style sounds confident, and you can get an exclusive first listen here:

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