First from his fifth upcoming album, Mississippi-born John Murry releases new single ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here to Make Fun Of You). His obscure Americana style creates an alluring sense of reassurance with a gorgeous sense of vulnerability. The track acts as a fearless assessment of violence with lyrics, “I bought fertiliser and brake fluid / Who in the hell am I supposed to trust? / Sympathy ends in gas chambers / Oklahoma City shoulda been enough.” Sung in a similar vein to Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, the track has a genuine polish with an endearing quality.

Raised in Tupelo, Murry’s undiagnosed autism led to early troubles which resulted eventually in a path led by un-prescribed medication and finally being institutionalized for mental health issues and addiction at a young age. With his tracks reeking of personal experience and authenticity, his recent release is no different;

“Violence has been a big part of my life,” he says. “It has been inflicted on me in ways that I was unable to control as a teenager, and as a child. I grew up in a place that was violent”

With previous press support from Uncut, Q Magazine, The Quietus, MOJO and Sunday Times, the Mississippi-born singer’s upcoming album ‘The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes’, will be released on June 25th via Submarine Cat Records. The artistic video for his recent release is directed by acclaimed Irish actor Aiden Gillen, known for his roles in Games of Thrones, Peaky Blinders and The Wire.

Watch Here:

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