18-year-old Elliot Kalema, known as EZYBLK, has had a passion for music since childhood and is now establishing himself as an exciting up and coming artist. His love for music began when a teacher suggested joining the school choir, leading to his performance of Michael Jacksons ‘I Want You Back’ at the school assembly. His musical taste has developed over time and takes inspiration from his Congolese and British heritage.

The energetic summer anthem ‘Roll By’ is his second release following debut single ‘1000 Ways’, released last month and featured on GRM Daily. Inspired by the likes of Skepta and JHus, ‘Roll By’ is an exciting blend of UK rap and afrobeat rhythms with effortless flows and infectious hooks. Speaking on the release EZYBLK explains “Roll By was one of the first songs we made. I had an instant connection with the producers and we just made a vibe. We had a session and decided to make something from scratch. I wanted to incorporate the “Jiggy Jiggy” melodic bit, so we put down some drums and bass and just went from there.”

The ‘Roll By’ music video is set for release on 2nd April, followed by a string of original singles. He might just be getting started, but it’s an exciting time for EZYBLK.

Listen to ‘Roll By’ here:

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