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The first of a selection of releases due this year, Kavanagh have released ‘Citizen 202’. Recorded at Far Heath Studios with Angus Wallace (The Prodigy, The Fall) and Mike Bennett (BMX Bandits, The Specials), the band have an impressive team working with them behind the scenes.

Clocking in at 1:44, ‘Citizen 202’ is a brutal, Nirvana-style punk track. Reminiscent of songs like ‘In Bloom’, seething vocals sit above distorted guitars, creating a chaotic, twisting two minutes. It’s not all fuzzed-up though, influences like Wolf Alice shine through in the few quieter moments in the track.

It’s an impressive release for a band with only five previous releases, and with support from big names backing them up, Kavanagh are well on their way to festival stages very soon.

Listen to ‘Citizen 202’ here:

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