Raised in Chicago and living in Atlanta, Ci Majr’s nostalgic indie-pop is the perfect soundtrack for the coming summer. With her previous releases totalling almost a million streams on Spotify, the singer’s new, entirely self-written, EP Side Effects is due out on April 16th.

Stuffed with 80s-inspired synths and funky synth basslines, ‘Guillotine’ is the perfect mixture of danceable rhythms and evocative songwriting. Ci Majr’s stunning vocal sits above the retro instrumental, conjuring images of sun-kissed beaches and long summer nights.

With Side Effects due out in just under a month, ‘Guillotine’ is the perfect taster of what Ci Majr is capable of. The singer is clearly an accomplished songwriter and if her latest single is anything to go by, Side Effects will be an indie-pop masterpiece.

Listen to ‘Guillotine’ here:

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