Released as part of The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four, Warpaint’s cover of ‘Paralysed’ is a dreamier take on Gang of Four’s classic. Speaking about their involvement in The Problem of Leisure, bassist Jenny Lee said “It was cool to get inside of ‘Paralysed,’ and for Gang Of Four to give us freedom to freak out in our way”.

With classic Warpaint instrumentation, the band have done ‘Paralysed’ justice in their own way. While the original’s stabbing guitars and deadpan vocal delivery are iconic, the twists provided by Warpaint give ‘Paralysed’ another dimension. Tasteful reverb and sung vocals provide a different sense of space compared to the original, and the harmonizing guitars give the track more harmonic depth.

Warpaint are in good company on the compilation. With original artwork from Damien Hirst and artists like IDLES, Gary Numan, Tom Morello, and Flea and John Frusciante all providing their own takes on various Gang of Four tracks, The Problem of Leisure has an impressive amount of talent under one title. The band aren’t put off though, and have provided one of the standout tracks of the compilation.

Listen to ‘Paralysed’ here:

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