Psyence_ Photo credit – Mark Vyse 2020


“Reality or Design? Says it all really doesn’t it? Has this past year been real?” ask Psyence. It’s a valid question: various apocalypse-style events have led to feelings of discontent across the board. Instead of wallowing in it, Psyence have channelled this discomfort into their Reality or Design EP. It’s a blistering five-track release worthy of Queens of the Stone Age or the Foo Fighters.

Opening track ‘Dirty Gonzo’ wastes no time, diving into pounding drums and fuzzed-out guitars. ‘Tusk’ is an Amazons-esque tune and a strong contender for best track on the EP. Closing track ‘The Stranger’ provides a pleasant change from the onslaught, dropping into a near-ambient feel. It doesn’t last long, as Psyence bring back their guitar-heavy songwriting skills to close out the EP.

Psyence don’t mess around. Five tracks is more than enough for the band to tell you who they are, what they do, and why you should take notice. The ‘Reality or Design’ EP is out on the 19th of March on Black Belt Recordings.

Listen to ‘Dirty Gonzo’ here:

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