Ormiston by JF Suave


Born into a bilingual family in Montreal, Ormiston, previously known as Beverlay, has been making waves with his minimalist indie funk. As his debut release, ‘Rebel’ shows the world what Ormiston is about in just under 4 minutes. It can be a daunting task putting out brand new music but ‘Rebel’ is a confident release, and rightly so.

With its retro artwork, a Top of the Pops themed video and disco rhythms littered throughout, ‘Rebel’ is a song strongly inspired by the funk and disco of the 70s and 80s. It’s not cliché though: Ormiston clearly takes influence from the funk movement but never copies it outright. The chorus-drenched guitars add a modern edge, and the popping bassline make it impossible to not enjoy ‘Rebel’, especially when it’s backed up by a four-to-the-floor drum beat.

Reminiscent of bands like Parcels and Pool, Ormiston’s music is as laid-back as it is funky. The Canadian’s skills with the classic combination of guitar, synth, bass and drums are clearly demonstrated in the four minute song, and the fact that ‘Rebel’ is Ormiston’s debut release means there is plenty more music to come.

Listen to ‘Rebel’ here:

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