Based in Toronto, singer-songwriter Mighloe has been writing and recording her jazzy new EP Desperate Times. Having performed with Grammy winners and garnering hundreds of thousands of streams on her previous releases, her latest single ‘Don’t Call Me’ has a strong base to build on.

The track’s lazy beat is easy to get lost in. Beautiful keys provide the base of the song’s beat before Mighloe’s blues-y vocal line comes in. Upon first listen ‘Don’t Call Me’ is a simple track: keys, guitar, bass, drums, all in place to support the singer. With a few repeats though, it’s clearly a track with lots of moving parts. Every instrument is played around Mighloe’s vocal and the end result is a perfectly constructed modern soul track.

Mighloe has an extensive back catalogue, but ‘Don’t Call Me’ is already a standout cut. Her upcoming EP Desperate Times will be sure to make waves not only in her home country of Canada, but across the rest of the world too.

Listen to ‘Don’t Call Me’ here:

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