TOTD: Midlight release potent new track ‘Emergency Song’

Brighton-born, London-based alternative quartet Midlight are back with their spine-chilling Lockdown-inspired single ‘Emergency Song’ out now via Airdriver Records.

Following the release of their last offering ‘Pandemonium’, the preternatural four-piece Midlight are back with their second release of the year ‘Emergency Song’.  This sophomore single is a potent blend of honeyed acoustic guitar, peculiarly placed electric reverb, and pertinent lyricism.

Despite being only written at the start of lockdown, ‘Emergency Song’ presents itself as an eerily self-aware tale seeming to be founded upon a far deeper-rooted preoccupation with discomfort and frustration at 21st-century living.

Although George Ireland’s vocal style pioneers the track’s front as soft and upbeat at the start, there is far more lurking beneath as it takes a distorted turn triggered by the line “Do you people think I’m stupid?”. ‘Emergency Song’ subsequently dives into a hotbed of angst, lingering licks, and provocative one-liners including “Spend all my money on things online / Do you people think I’m stupid” and “I want to be eaten by the pigs around me”. 

A limited run of 7” hand-cut records featuring the single with a B-side exclusive to the physical release are available to buy from

Check ‘Emergency Song’ Out Here:

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