Becca Tg is no stranger to a chilled out tune. Her previous releases like her ‘The You I Know’ EP showcase her jazzy R&B skills. Horns, funky basslines, and soulful vocal lines litter Becca’s back catalogue, but her latest release ‘Are You Really’ takes a more modern approach.

While still recognisably Becca Tg, the singer’s instrumental backing turns towards electronic beats and synths. She’s not out of her depth in this new territory though: ‘Are You Really’ is a brilliantly constructed track that takes the listener through the events leading to a break up. The singer describes ‘Are You Really’ as “an anthem for letting go and moving on” with the lyrics describing the experience of gaining strength to walk away from what holds you back.

It’s an optimistic release despite its topic. Talk of going to cafes and carrying on with life may feel alien at the moment but with summer well on its way, Becca Tg will provide the perfect soundtrack.

Listen to ‘Are You Really’ here:

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