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After a three-year hiatus, Canadian punks Bad Pop are back with a deluxe re-release of their debut album. The re-release includes five new tracks, a selection of covers, and previously unheard live material. For existing fans, it’s a chance to delve deeper into their back catalogue, and for new fans, it’s a chance to get the full Bad Pop experience in one go.

The opening track ‘Other Spooky Is’ is a punk masterclass clocking in at just under 6 minutes. Its outro is a cacophony of distortion and cymbals, making it clear that the band aren’t going to mess around over the next 13 songs. The next track, titled ‘Bad Pop’, sums the band up perfectly: catchy choruses wrapped up in waves of noise.

The trio don’t let up across the 14 tracks of their self-titled release. Tracks like ‘Pieces Fit Right’  and ‘Slow Riser’ are highlights, clearly showcasing Bad Pop’s songwriting skills. Talking about the new single ‘Pieces Fit Right’, frontman Christ Connelly says “It was recorded at Strong Room studios while we had a few days off on tour in London. If you saw Bad Pop play, you would have heard a lot of the songs on the Deluxe LP.”

Even in their more relaxed moments, ‘Linda Ronstadt’ being one example, the band are able to add another dimension to their sound. Songs take pleasantly unexpected turns and while they might enjoy making a lot of distorted noise, Bad Pop know how to move in different directions too.

Bad Pop’s self-titled release is a punk tour de force. Their frenzied guitar-driven music is the perfect fit for modern life and the frustrations that come with it. The new tracks fit into the band’s back catalogue effortlessly and with gigs on the horizon, there’s hope for live renditions very soon.

Listen to Bad Pop (Deluxe Edition) here:

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