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Introducing…Jordan Dean’s EP Local

After the release of the bright and jangly lead single, ‘Local’ was grounded by the stripped-back and soul-bearing sophomore single ‘Rabbit Hole’, Cleveland-born indie-rock artist Jordan Dean finally releases his dazzling new EP Local. 

‘What I’m Feeling’ and ‘Rabbit Hole’ expose this singer-songwriter’s vulnerability as we’re invited into his world of angst and struggles with expression hinting at his old-soul disposition while ‘Drunk’ and ‘Local’ are notably youthful and buoyant. 

Referencing the likes of Jamie T, Circa Waves, and Marsicans with his indie-flare that explores tales of love, youth, and loss, you may indeed mistake Jordan Dean to belong to this side of the pond. This five-track journey perfectly catches you in the middle of both the alternative and pop worlds, fusing catchy lyricism with nifty guitar licks making for a particularly captivating collection.

Check Out ‘Local’ Here:

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