Annabel Allum Hear Me Out

Annabel Allum releases ‘hear me out’ b-sides EP featuring lockdown anthem ‘ordinary life’

Slacker-pop sensation Annabel Allum releases her ‘hear me out’ B-Sides EP, a mixtape collated by the grunge-inspired songwriter intended to revisit some of her more modest tracks.

The eclectic collection features a new track called ‘ordinary life’ which was co-written with the former frontman of Reuben​ a​nd ​now solo artist Jamie Lenman. Produced by Ben Hillier, ‘ordinary life’ is an ode to Lockdown living that Annabel’s worn vocals effortlessly depicts.

Driven by an air of satire that practically scoffs with wit and frustration at the past 12 months, ‘ordinary life’ possesses a distinctly relatable charm that lies within the track’s quirky riffs and melodic keys.

Check It Out Here:

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