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Hongza releases new track ‘Accolades’

British-Vietnamese alternative outfit Hongza is back with his latest release ‘Accolades’ taken from his forthcoming EP addressing toxic social media culture, the struggles of lockdown living, and falling into the rabbit hole of false appearances on social media.

With a gentle nod to the indie and shoegaze acts that dominated the 2000s, Hongza reignites the alternative scene with his honest and swirling vocals, airy use of synth, and resounding riffs. ‘Accolades’ confronts the challenges of identity and mental health in the modern age as we are subjected to technology(and its tendency to filter reality) vying for our attention.

Leading yet again with a strong and hypnotic pop-inspired hook that follows through with evocative storytelling, Hongza is a potent breath of fresh air to the indie scene.

Check Out ‘Accolades’ Here:

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