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Introducing…Duccbod ‘No Sympathy’

Lincolnshire born Duccbod dives deep on his latest single ‘No Sympathy’ taken from his forthcoming EP drawing on painful past experiences of loss in love as well as battling his own inner demons.

Caught somewhere between the worlds indie rock, alt rock and rap rock, ‘No Sympathy’ is a dramatic and vivid tale of struggles in love and loss of self. A sentiment which truly hits home as we’ve all undergone some form of ego-death over the past 18 months.

Poignant lyricism like “and my sanity feels like a distant memory” and “I don’t know what I was trying to find” are brought to life in a gritty portrayal through visuals.

Watch ‘No Sympathy’ Music Video Here:

Duccbod is a truly intriguing indie-rap outfit who, although drawing on an extensive range of musical influences, always seems to settle on stirring narratives.

Listen to ‘No Sympathy’ Here:

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