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Draper releases ‘Omens’, the London-based producer’s most introspective work yet

London-based producer Draper releases his haunting latest single ‘Omens’ addressing mental health, loneliness and the struggles of lockdown taken from his forthcoming EP Moments. 

Soul searching, stirring and admirably hopeful, ‘Omens’ is the latest release from this prestigious London-based producer and it’s possibly his most profound work yet. Haunting yet grounding with equal measure, ‘Omens’ breathes with vulnerability highlighting the importance of the mental health crisis.

Samples of strings scattered within a bedrock of twinkling synth, merge together forming a truly spine-tingling track.

” ‘Omens’  is the lack of light; an absence of hope. It exists in all of us, some more prevalent than others. It clings to the past and appears in a dense fog, clouding the mind. It is personal to everyone who has felt the same.” says Draper

Check Out ‘Omens’ here:

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