Alone Together

Norwegian producer Maud releases her dazzling new single ‘Alone Together’

Unravelling in both monochrome and airy pastels, Norwegian electro-pop producer Maud is back with her fourth release ‘Alone Together’ and it is quite possibly her most mesmerising release yet.

Maud’s ‘Alone Together’ is certainly a stand-out track amongst her previous releases which have been shrouded in attitude and shadow. Showing a side of vulnerability that the producer has perhaps kept closer to her chest till now, Maud opens up and divulges her anxieties surrounding loneliness and loss regarding relationships. However both of which have become ever present in our lives as we continue to live lockdown lives during COVID-19 making the track the perfect addition to any melancholic playlist.

Ambient notes float around Maud’s angelic auto-tuned vocals but the production remains restrained allowing a deeper connection to the artist herself. With its stripped back portrayal, we see sides of Maud in ‘Alone Together’ that may have otherwise been left in the dark.

As Maud summarises: “The last year we’ve all kind of been alone, but together in facing these strange times. I hope the song can give the listener a sense of togetherness.”

Check Out ‘Alone Together’ Here:

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