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Introducing… CJ Pandit ‘Right Person, Wrong Time’

DIY indie-pop outfit CJ Pandit is back with his first tasty teaser ‘Right Person, Wrong Time’ taken from his forthcoming EP just before you disappear. 

With an infectious groove belonging seamlessly in the synth-pop world, Cj Pandit’s latest release is fun, colourful and fuses indie-rock and pop music together creating a particularly vibrant track. ‘Right Person, Wrong Time’ takes you on a familiar journey of ‘trouble in paradise’ concerning youth, relationships and growth with Pandit’s taunting vocals to guide you through a playful tale.

After working on a number of projects under various aliases, if Cj Pandit’s ‘Right Person, Wrong Time’ is a good indication of what’s to come, this might just be that catalyst that sticks enabling this budding pop star to really thrive. 

Check Out ‘Right Person, Wrong Time’ Here:

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