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TOTW: Francis- Postcards (Featuring Jolé)

Plunging you straight into a world of chorus driven guitars and dreamy vocals, the latest single by Francis ‘Postcards’ (Featuring Jolé) is a soundscape and tingling offering to the world of indie-pop.

If music should be for anything, it should be for escapism, especially in a time where livestreaming a gig from the comfort of your couch or exploring the world’s rich beauties through the rectangle gaze of your phone is as exciting as it gets.

One such artist seeking to reconcile himself with the peace and adventure that only a trip to the Scottish Highlands can give you is Francis. This London-based songwriter sought out that wanderlust tranquility through a collaborative project which will see a series of singles featuring different artists arrive throughout the year. First, we begin with the aptly titled ‘Postcards’ featuring the dulcet tones of fellow British songwriter Jolé. The multi-layered alt-folk song evokes the nostalgic wish to stay connected with the ones you love, but also not ready yet to depart from your current location.

Encapsulating the sounds of nature and taking inspiration from the hum of European cities, ‘Postcards’ is reminiscent of Novo Amor and Lucy Rose, although with Francis’ own innovative production style.

This is music for soothing the soul; for finding peace in a world with seldom left.

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