Draper Press Shot

TOTD Draper- Moments

Accomplished producer Draper returns with his most refined work yet as he embarks on a journey of self discovery, growth and introspection with forthcoming EP ‘Moments’.

Lead track, also titled ‘Moments’, presents that much needed glimmer of hope whilst scattering light and technicolour across our otherwise dark and mundane days locked inside in the shadow of COVID-19. This intoxicating release from Draper is rich in promise, reflective in theme and in turn euphoric in its soundscape.

Moments reminds us although we’ve all suffered and made sacrifices over the past year, brighter days are indeed ahead and we can find solace in reconnecting with our roots, our memories and those around us.

“This is absolutely a new chapter in a long story. I’ve been down many paths and this is the first time that I feel personally connected to the music I’ve written. Moments is the lead single because it is an impactful splash back onto the scene, a new scene for me as well. It is a moment for me because it’s the first fully written, sung and produced EP I’ve ever done”– Draper

Check Out ‘Moments’ Here:

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